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          Introduction of EHEC 
                Erzhong (Deyang) Heavy Equipment Co., LTD. (abbreviated to EHEC), one of the Subsidiary of Sinomach Heavy Equipment Group Co., LTD. ,is a major national advanced state of art equipment manufacturing base. In the past 60 years, EHEC has provided nearly 3 million tons of major advanced state of art equipment to domestic and abroad, playing a strategic and fundamental role in the national economy sectors.
                EHEC, which has the ability to provide 900 tons of molten steel, 700 tons of ingots, 500 tons of castings and 400 tons of forgings, is one of the few enterprises with extreme manufacturing capacity in major technical and equipment fields all over the world. The main business of EHEC covers the manufacturing of large-scale complete sets of equipment, large-scale casting &forging, nuclear power and heavy petroleum pressure vessels and large-scale driving parts, which can provide systematic equipment manufacturing and services for metallurgy, mining, energy, transportation, automobile, petrochemical, aerospace and other significant industries. 
                 In the field of completed set equipment manufacturing, EHEC is the core supplier of metallurgical complete sets of equipment and intelligent forging process line on the basis of general contracting; In the field of large scale castings and forgings, EHEC is main supplier for the complete sets of or critical casting & forging of AP1000, Hualong 1#, CAP1400 which are represented the third generation of nuclear power station. EHEC is China's only and key leading supplier who is able to provide a "level of the three gorges project", a full set of castings and forgings of 700MW hydropower unit and batch production million KW ultra-supercritical thermal power unit; In the field of heavy pressure vessels, EHEC is capable of manufacturing the overall equipment with a single super-large size and ultra-thick heavy pressure vessel over 2500 tons, and is the backbone supplier of large nuclear power and chemical heavy pressure vessels in China. In the field of large driving parts, EHEC is a leading enterprise in the manufacturing of large metallurgical and hydraulic driving parts and a major manufacturing base of large wind power speed-up gears, fan spindle and fan yaw slurry conversion system in China. 
                 Standing on a new commence point and embarking on a new flagship sailing, EHEC will follow the spirit of CPC’s 20th and unswervingly promoting and upgrading of traditional industrial area, making innovation for emerging new areas, speeding up the pace of product structure adjustment, improving the core competition ability to realize the enterprise sustainable & high quality development, make the employees increasing feeling of happiness and belonging and building EHEC into the base of national economy ,national defense and domestic leading large-scale equipment manufacturing enterprises. Based on the Inexhaustible creation, EHEC will provide a strong driving force for development of SINOMACH Heavy Equipment Group Co. as the heavy equipment flagship in China.